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Pop the Driving Question

  I never quite sure what to post to this blog, but Edna asked me to cross-post this from my blog. It is part of a series that I am writing (I will be continuing it as I have time) … Continue reading

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Making Learning Personal

This little video is part of a series of reflections on the PYP Exhibition and the processes involved. However, it could also be a general reflection on inquiry learning, regardless of curriculum framework.  

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Who controls the learning?

An extract from a post at What Ed Said, inspired by a conversation about inquiry on #pypchat… How much do you plan for inquiry? Do you prepare a range of teaching activities in advance? Or do you plan a strong provocation … Continue reading

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Inquiry into simple machines

I am including a post from my blog at Edna’s request. Thank you Edna for the thumbs up! :) This topic is familiar with many, but what maybe different, are the challenges I faced with this particular lot of learners. They … Continue reading

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It’s in the cards- A post on Just in Time Learning: The Learner Profile

So I was a bit sad the other day after school. As I was walking out of the classroom to go home and something caught my eye. Something that I was a bit shocked to see to be honest. It … Continue reading

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Emerging and Evolving Schedules

ASIDE: In this post, I am trying to hash out an idea in my head, and explain something that I do that is not exactly very easy to explain.  The explanation is rough, and it is a work in progress. … Continue reading

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The Right To Inquire – Part Two

The Right To Inquire (now known as ‘Part One’) detailed how we led into reflecting on where we were all at so far in our understanding of what it means to be responsible in the context of partaking in the … Continue reading

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The many ways to inquire

At the same time I have both a feeling of incredible freedom and creativity, and frustration with the structure of the units I teach.  On the one hand, the frustration comes from the focus of the units central idea, inquiry … Continue reading

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The Right to Inquire

  Our fifth graders are almost halfway into their Exhibition.  Today was all about our rights and our responsibilities as inquirers.  Specifically: What are my rights and responsibilities as an inquirer? We shared three TED talks with our class thanks … Continue reading

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Expecting the unexpected

I am just loving my regular dose of “Inquire Within.”   What a wonderful way to share the thinking and experiences of inquiry teachers around the world.    Sometimes I will read a post before walking into a planning meeting or beginning … Continue reading

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