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Objects to Start Inquiry

We started our first project this week. Our entry event went very well. Rather than explain it I will show it to you and let you see if you can figure it out for yourself. The students were given these … Continue reading

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Open Curriculum

I have been thinking alot about the conversation I am leading at Educon, #standardizethat and got involved in  an expanded discussion on Twitter about standards and curriculum. I was asked what open curriculum would look like. I have borrowed my ideas … Continue reading

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Student Designed Curriculum

This was originally posted on my blog Concrete Classroom. Last year was my first year at a new PBL high school. Before school started I created a year-long scope and sequence of what topics our projects would be and what … Continue reading

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Should I care if my students like me?

I usually agree with Seth Godin but I think the tone of his post about Applause is wrong for education (I realize that he is talking about marketing). Particularly this quote:  “Who decides if your work is good? When you … Continue reading

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Pop the Driving Question

  I never quite sure what to post to this blog, but Edna asked me to cross-post this from my blog. It is part of a series that I am writing (I will be continuing it as I have time) … Continue reading

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Self evident assessment

I hate buzz words! I really do. But in education, as in any profession, we use them all of the time. I am guilty of it too, but there is one particular use that I especially hate. The political use … Continue reading

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Confused? Frustrated? Good!

This past summer our staff attended a training for all schools starting a New Tech school this year. There have been 18 new high schools opened across the U.S. this year. There were also teachers from four schools in Australia … Continue reading

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