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Letting inquiry unravel naturally

I apologize for the long post. I wanted to record the process of inquiry in my class and this is how it has began to unravel. This is the second week. There is a definite buzz in the air.  The … Continue reading

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An inquiry into curiosity

If you look up the term “curiosity” on Wikipedia, this is what you’ll find: Curiosity (from Latin curiosus “careful, diligent, curious,” akin to cura “care“) is a quality related to inquisitive thinking such as exploration, investigation, and learning, evident by observation in human and many animal species.[1][2] The term can also be used to denote … Continue reading

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Mathematically inclined

“In the case of mathematics, there is a persistent attempt to erase the subjective and affective in favour of: mathematics that is as dry as dust, as exciting as a telephone book, as remote as the laws of infangthief of … Continue reading

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Bringing a bit of PYP to Leh, Kashmir

This summer, I spent part of my holidays doing some voluntary work. I decided to go to the top most part of India…near the Himalayas. The craggy mountain folds,the blue, blue sky, along with the most amazing people on earth, … Continue reading

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The 8Way Thinking strategy

The other day, I came across an interesting way of conducting an inquiry lesson. The reason I found it interesting was due to the fact that it was a simplified version of Howard Gardener’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence. The child friendly language and … Continue reading

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Conceptual Understanding and Misunderstanding!

Something interesting happened the other day in my maths class. We had started a new topic, Division. I asked the students to turn on their laptops and talk about their understanding of division. They loved watching themselves talk. Some even … Continue reading

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Teachers as Learners

I learn so much from my colleagues. The other day I stepped into one of my grade level teacher’s room and saw the way she had beautifully set up the bulletin board. Laminated pictures of monuments with guiding questions were … Continue reading

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Inquiry into simple machines

I am including a post from my blog at Edna’s request. Thank you Edna for the thumbs up! :) This topic is familiar with many, but what maybe different, are the challenges I faced with this particular lot of learners. They … Continue reading

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Inquiring into our students’ lives

    Inquiry starts from within. As far as teachers are concerned, we would really like to generate inquiry within the students. Yet there are factors beyond our control which we have to grapple with. According to Anthony Salas’s article on Poverty … Continue reading

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Promoting Questioning Skills in Elementary students

I think the approach has to be deliberate. Teachers need to spend considerable time encouraging students to ask questions. They need to design different activities that can promote questioning skills. This week I tried a simple approach. I put a … Continue reading

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