Provoking inquiry

I strongly believe that we are all naturally curious. Learners at our wonderful PYP school ask many interesting questions, which are a sign that their curiosity is nurtured. Edna has just posted a number of fantastic questions that students of all ages have asked, and they are AMAZING!

A good provocation should get learners, young and old, to ask questions. It should make them curious.

Recently I created a provocation to allow the students to experience change and adaptation. The goal was to connect to these concepts in an authentic way.
One morning, our classroom door was closed. A sign on the door read “We have moved to the D&T Room”.

Can you imagine the questions? The surprise?

I didn’t give any reason for being there, I wanted the students to wonder. I wanted them to share and discuss their ideas. It worked! The discussions that ensued, the curiosity, the speculations! I think that was a great way to connect, a wonderful experience, and inquiry!

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