Inquiry is messy!

Learning the technical side of things when I first started blogging was a huge inquiry for me, except that I didn’t even know what questions to ask! I didn’t understand most of what I saw in the dashboard and sometimes posted accidentally before I was ready, or made changes after I had published a post. I was mortified when a friend informed me that subscribers would see the original version as soon as I posted it irrespective of what I did after that.

It was authentic inquiry learning. I muddled on, asked questions when I knew what to ask, explored, experimented, discovered… and eventually over time, got the hang of it. I persevered because, by then, I was addicted to the writing side of things and had a purpose in pursuing my inquiry.

Noticing that Naini, our newest contributor was having some trouble with the html code (I know very little… just enough to usually make things appear the way I want them to,  and if not there is always a response from Twitter!), I offered to try and help. I managed to embed her beautiful poster and hit publish with a sense of satisfaction.

It was only when I received the email notification of a new post that I noticed it was in my name, since I had been logged in at the time! 

So to those subscribers who will soon receive their third notification of the same post, please remember…

Learning is messy. Inquiry involves taking risks, making mistakes and learning from them. We encourage it in our students. Excuse us if it happens a bit here too!!


About whatedsaid

Teaching and Learning Coordinator at an IB PYP school in Melbourne, Australia. I'm a teacher, a learner, an inquirer...
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