Three Levels of Inquiry

Year 5 students at my school are inquiring into how the growth and survival of plants are affected by environmental conditions. The world is helping them out!

Level 1: The conversations on the 5B blog are evidence of the meaningful inquiry that’s taking place. The images from around the globe have inspired the students to question and wonder about a range of related issues. It’s plain to see that a rich ‘invitation’ provokes thinking and learning. They have received some responses from Zack, @noiseprofessor, a plant expert and faculty member of a community college in California, who has now offered to further the inquiry by taking them on a tour of his gardens via Ustream.

Level 2: The teachers at my school are inquiring into blogging as a tool for learning. Every class now has a blog, but everyone is at a different stage, moving at their own pace, finding out as they need to know. Some teachers are still figuring out how to add media or how to achieve more active involvement. Others, like Rubi, who teaches 5B, are beginning to see the blog as an extension of the classroom learning, a home for visible thinking and an opportunity for promoting authentic inquiry.

Level 3: My own inquiry into… inquiry! It’s part of my ongoing experimentation with the use of technology for global connections and collaborations to further learning. It’s also part of my inquiry into the analysis of student questions. What do the questions tell us about each student’s thinking and how might the questions drive the inquiry further? Watching the learners commenting on the blog from home at night, is like eavesdropping on their conversations and hearing the inquiry unfold. 

Feel free to add an image to the collection or, better still, have your students join the inquiry at 5B’s blog

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Teaching and Learning Coordinator at an IB PYP school in Melbourne, Australia. I'm a teacher, a learner, an inquirer...
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