Surrendering Control

A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, a bird sings because it has a song. ~ Maya Angelou

I wonder about the connection between a desire to grade and my personality? I question the role my own ego plays when my students achieve high grades in exams.

Grading is an artificial way to represent learning and it is only ingrained or hard-wired in me if I allow it to be. If education is a process of meaning-making, then I need to become more aware of the way that I construct meaning and of the agendas that drive me. I should not permit myself to be socialized to accept a simplistic number as learning. Children, students and learners need to be the priority, not grades.

If I can help my students to forget about grades, my classroom might become more learning-focused. If I provide written feedback comments to students about their work and hold interviews or discussions with them about their work, then grading may take a back seat. I need to surrender more control to the students and turn their learning over to them.

About cpaterso

Confusion is good and grades are overemphasised. Less us, more them. Working in a learning and teaching leadership role in a Sydney school.
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