Making Learning Personal

This little video is part of a series of reflections on the PYP Exhibition and the processes involved. However, it could also be a general reflection on inquiry learning, regardless of curriculum framework.


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PYP Coordinator at International School Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Co-Founder and Co-Director of Time Space Education
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2 Responses to Making Learning Personal

  1. Mr. Sam, I like that you remind us that students come to Grade 5 with ten or more years of experience and that our job as teachers is to get them to think deeply about something they truly care about. I am so glad to be reading on many Blogs that the PYP exhibition is veering away from, as you call it, ” the tokenistic extravaganzas” that we have all seen. Let’s ignite the passion and not worry so much about the horse and pony show!
    Thanks for sharing the video.


  2. Mr. Sam says:

    Hi Marina… thanks for the feedback, it’s great to know that other people, like you, are feeling the same way. If we can lead the way to more personal inquiries using the PYP Exhibition as a model, perhaps other units/ curricula can follow? I have heard it called the “horse and pony show” so many times in schools and yet little is often done about it. I think this basically is all down to teacher determination and dedicating the time to “dig deep into the students’ souls”. I have been telling my students and their parents that I would be happier if it takes some of my students the whole exhibition process to work out what they really care about and are interested in than creating a one-off, highly impressive product that means almost nothing to them. This requires quite a shift in thinking in the community as a whole!

    Love this posting on this subject too:


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