Trust the Content and Trust Their Minds

Everything that I do either supports or diminishes my students’ reliance on their ability to think. It is only by thinking that people get better at thinking. My role is not to simplify subject matter for students, but to keep them engaged with and connected to subject matter. I am learning to trust the content and trust the minds of the learners. I am realising that once learners are caught up in the subject matter, it is the most potent source of knowledge. Because learners develop their understanding in a vast array of different ways, I need to build my experience in figuring out and appreciating other people’s ways of thinking.

About cpaterso

Confusion is good and grades are overemphasised. Less us, more them. Working in a learning and teaching leadership role in a Sydney school.
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4 Responses to Trust the Content and Trust Their Minds

  1. Judy Hartnett says:

    What an insightful observation.. You sum up the role of teachers well. So many teachers do the thinking for the students. Your classroom must be a vibrant place.


  2. As you say–trust the content; trust their minds. Trust the process as they engage with the content, make decisions and reflect on their engagement.


  3. I am sharing this. I love this! Thank You!


  4. Your brief post resonates the responsibility we have as teachers about making students think! Truly thought provoking!


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