The Genius Hour Manifesto

A little while ago, AJ Juliani asked Denise KrebsHugh McDonaldJoy Kirr and I to write a collaborative piece on Genius Hour.  We gladly accepted and through the use of GoogleDocs we co-wrote “The Genius Hour Manifesto“.  You can check it out on Education is My Life.

Genius Hour is so important to me!  It is a time when students can inquire into their own passions and wonders!  

If you are interested in Inquiry Based Learning and Personalized Education, check out the Manifesto and our Genius Hour wiki for more information.

Your students will love it and you will love watching them learn about their own passions/wonders!


Image by Abode of Chaos – Thierry Ehrmann

About Gallit Zvi

Teacher for SD36, Faculty Associate at SFU. I love learning. #geniushour chat co-moderator (see for details) I blog at I tweet from @gallit_z
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