Liberating learning spaces…

This post was written by Des, a Grade 5 teacher at my school who is constantly on her own inquiry journey – into inquiry, technology and learning spaces…

My students have always had their own special seat with their own special chairbag with their own special stuff.

We change seats every term or during the term when necessary.

Loads of stuff cluttered our room!!! If my brain felt cluttered, I wondered what was happening to my students’ brains??

A colleague of mine, who had access to cube seats and mini tables rearranged the learning spaces in her room. Students chose to sit where their learning took them. I frequently watched how her students were learning in these open spaces.

Time to declutter? DEFINITELY!

Chairbags were removed. Tables cleared,. Stuff and things were stored. Colourful bean bags and small tables scattered the room.

Students now choose their own learning spaces depending on the learning experience.

Reflections: Student comments:

Sage: Good! we can sit wherever we choose and we are not set in concrete.

Jordan: You can move around freely and learn with whoever you want where you want.

Jaimee: More space to learn. Feels free.

Ashleigh: We can learn better and share our thinking on large sheets of butcher paper that we can spread out on the tables that now have nothing on them.

Zohar: It creates freedom in our classroom

Raph: Whenever I walk into our classroom I get a warm, happy feeling

Aaron: We can learn in a more comfortable way

Marley: Every lesson feels different because we learn in a different way in each lesson –in a space we choose to learn.

Desiree (class teacher) I feel liberated!!!

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Teaching and Learning Coordinator at an IB PYP school in Melbourne, Australia. I'm a teacher, a learner, an inquirer...
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3 Responses to Liberating learning spaces…

  1. Over the last 2 years, my teaching partner and I have gotten rid of the single desks with shelf and basket where each child is self-contained. We already had a library corner with cushioned sitting area and loose cushions. But getting rid of the desks and replacing with round tables – for more collaborative work has really opened up the look of the classroom. We also bought a dozen of those lap beanbag cushions with the tray top to put the laptops on (regular cushion covered the air vents of laptop).

    We did keep the baskets and redesigned the cubbies so that the cubby contains a file box for books and a shelf for basket of stationery as well as schoolbag, lunchbag, etc. One classroom has a whole wall of idea-paint applied.

    Maybe Des can post a few pictures. Maybe I will too. I love to see classrooms where the learning space has been changed. It really allows for more choice and that really makes a difference to the learning!



  2. Shanez Cabraal says:

    Sounds fabulous!


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