An Approach to Inquiry

During the 2014 school year, we created videos that support inquiry-based teaching and learning for teachers. These video clips are being used to assist in the roll-out of the 2013 ‘Social Studies (Grade 1 to 6) History & Geography (Grade 7 & 8)‘ Ontario Curriculum Document.  This document has a real focus on inquiry.

A website was built by Ontario Elementary Social Studies Teachers Association (OESSTA) to provide teachers with key strategies and resources that will help to implement the document. Within the website you will find a series of 8 videos that explain the Inquiry Approach and how it is used in a Grade 4/5 classroom. You can check them out on the OESSTA website under the ‘video’ tab.

About Louise Robitaille

Elementary teacher interested in inquiry-based learning & iPad technology in the classroom.
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4 Responses to An Approach to Inquiry

  1. bsherry says:

    Hi Louise,
    I can get to the Curriculum link but not the link to the videos. It’s saying Error 404 not found. Is it me?



  2. Hello! Thanks for letting me know, I think the problem is fixed. If it doesn’t work let me know. Louise


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