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Last week, I led a Roundtable Discussion at the AGIS (Association of German International Schools) Conference.  Following our discussion I acted on something that has been brewing in my mind for a while – the need for a space for resources related to the PYP Exhibition.

Initially, I was thinking of doing this for my school. We have a number of different storage systems in place – various Dropboxes, Drives, planners, folders on our server – and I wanted to ensure we were not missing any of the good stuff that we have worked on.  I also wanted to pull my own resources from the past 12 years of PYP Exhibitions as a mentor, Art teacher, and classroom teacher of Exhibition students, into one location.

I have ended up with this site:  PYP Exhibition Weebly   Web address:

Here is a quick video tour (or just go check out the site yourself!)

I would love to add to this site.

I have already had a number of people make contact who are looking for students to collaborate with their students and for teachers to share ideas with their teachers.  How to incorporate this sharing? One idea I have is to add a new page for students with a Padlet embedded where students can post questions, answers, articles, videos etc to share with each other.  And a similar page for teachers. What do you think?

Hopefully teachers at my school will find this useful (as the Learning Technology teacher, I am not directly working with a homeroom group this year) and other people will pick up some new ideas. It’s success will depend on people contributing and being open to sharing.

If you are embarking on the Exhibition, I would really encourage you to scroll back a few posts to Mary Collins post on how she has begun the Exhibition with her students.  It is a brilliant example of how to guide students towards their own inquiries and how to push them toward developing parameters for their own learning.

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A mom, educator, designer, creator. I care about kindness, representation, equality, and making a positive contribution. I began teaching in 1997 in New Zealand and have since taught from G1 through G10 in 4 continents.
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4 Responses to PYP Exhibition Website

  1. This looks great, Sonya, and we will certainly be open to collaboration and sharing! I did go on the video tour of the exhibition site but unfortunately couldn’t access the website itself. We would love to add to the site though. Our central idea, decided by the students two days ago is: Passions develop skills, promote health, influence who we are and create opportunities for action.’ We will be in touch again once the unit gets going!


  2. sonyaterborg says:

    The web address is: Let me know if you can access it. What theme is your exhibition under? Who We Are?


  3. jacqthesis says:

    Hi Sonya- I love your post regarding the PYP Exhibition. I was going to spend my Chinese New Year holidays setting up a Weebly of resources myself! It’s a great idea, however the link does not work for me. How can I access the weebly and contribute please?


    • sonyaterborg says:

      I just checked the link and it didn’t work for me so I went in and updated. I hope you can access now. There are lots of ways to contribute: there are various forms where you can submit links to materials and there are some Padlets for adding information. Let me know if you still can’t access!


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