Inquiry is the answer, what are the questions?

Inquiry is the answer, what are the questions?

This quick task was assigned to a group of teachers at a recent workshop on inclusion, highlighting how a simple, open-ended provocation can provoke curiosity, allow access for learners with diverse learning needs and simultaneously assess knowledge and understanding.

Many of the questions, based on a view of inquiry as a stance, were evidence of our strong beliefs about inquiry learning…

  • How can we make learning successful for all?
  • What is it called when we learn by questioning and investigating?
  • How might we ensure child centred learning?
  • How can we encourage students to take responsibility for their learning?
  • How do children learn best?
  • What approach to learning is most inclusive?
  • How can we make learning engaging?
  • What approach to learning fosters learner agency?
  • How do we open doors to collaboration, construction of new knowledge and development of skills?
  • What type of school learning emulates real life learning?
  • What helps us to learn about the world around us?
  • What encourages us to become life long learners?
  • What helps us to construct meaning?
  • How can I move forward in my learning?
  • What can help me discover my interests and passions?
  • How do children become knowledgable, contributing citizens of the world?

and my favourite, addressed to adults who all learned in a more traditional, direct way:

  • What was missing in your education?

What would your questions be?

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Teaching and Learning Coordinator at an IB PYP school in Melbourne, Australia. I'm a teacher, a learner, an inquirer...
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1 Response to Inquiry is the answer, what are the questions?

  1. cdw11238 says:

    Loved this process and especially the last question. Will be using this. The question I’m living with these days is, “Is inquiry learning as liberating as I think it is?” I ask that one because I have an almost religious faith in the power of inquiry to open minds top to bottom in schools.


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