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Great questions have legs…

I have some questions to ask you… Do you ask questions to check for recall of information? Or to help students clarify their thinking and construct meaning for themselves? Do you play ‘guess what’s in my head’? Or do you … Continue reading

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When Professionals Meditate on Questions

The website, “Inquire Within” has inspired me more deeply with every blog entry. The multifarious strategies illustrate what happens when teachers go beyond formulas to create rich new methods in a spirit of inquiry. The ideas are so dazzling that … Continue reading

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A piece of “what”: questions are wind in the sails on open seas, not speed bumps on “coverage road”

Questions are waypoints on the path of wisdom. – Grant Lichtman, The Falconer The difference between grappling and other forms of learning is that when the questions become the students’ own, so do the answers. – Sizer and Sizer, The Students Are … Continue reading

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A community of inquirers…

I really enjoyed reading the posts by Jessica and Tanja about teachers as inquirers. Gone are the days (I hope) when teachers’ professional learning consisted of a few days a year at a conference or in-school workshop and that was it. Here’s my contribution … Continue reading

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Lesson Trial – Argument Writing

Background Inquiry can be broken down into three key areas: questioning, investigation, and argumentation. Without any one of these three legs, inquiry loses its power. Good questions are at the heart of inquiry – I hope that goes without saying. … Continue reading

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