Inquire within…

Behind this door, is a brand new blog.

The idea came from an interaction between Edna (@whatedsaid), an IB PYP teacher in Melbourne Australia and Tyler (@MrTRice_Science), a high school Science teacher in Washington, USA.

Despite our different backgrounds, we share a passion for teaching and learning and a belief in the power of inquiry.

We hope this blog will be read by educators who share our beliefs and others who we can help to convert. We hope that bloggers and non-bloggers alike will participate in the conversation.

Interested? Inquire within…

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17 Responses to Inquire within…

  1. Pamela Courtney says:

    just found this site and am blown away! thank you!


  2. andy vasily says:

    Hi, I would love to be a part of this blog and contribute. However, I cannot seem to find a way to do so. Am I missing an important step? Great reading everyone’s insight and examples of inquiry.


  3. kdceci says:

    Hi! Also wondering how to contribute. I subscribe and would like to contribute. Please let me know! Thanks!


  4. I’d love to be able to contribute. This site is so inspiring and I adore questions.


  5. I would love to contribute – and see some familiar names on here also contributing! Please let me know how. 🙂 Here is my website if you are wanting to know more:


  6. krissyvenosdale says:

    Hi! Back to check out the blog… love the message here. How do I sign up to contribute?
    Krissy (@ktvee)


  7. Gallit Zvi says:

    Would love to talk to you about an inquiry blog idea!
    I am @gallit_z on twitter or my email is in the info box below!

    Have a great day,


  8. Hi! I’d love to contribute how I use technology to support inquiry and essential questions in my 8th grade language arts class.


  9. glichtman says:

    Like some others above, I would be happy to contribute to this great community by cross posting or linking to my blog but did not see how to do that on the “About” page. Maybe a glitch there? Thanks!


  10. whatedsaid says:

    It’s not a glitch! The above people (as you will) were all responded to and have been added as contributors! I’ll be in touch.


  11. petetimms says:


    My name is Pete Timms, a teacher in the UK. i am about to embark on running an i-learn classroom, a project based, inquiry focused classroom with cooker, dining tables, creative spaces. As a teacher and learner it would really benefit me to be able to blog on this site and be an author. I am sure I will learn a great deal from the i-learn concept and would love to share this. Please can you set me up so I can contribute? Thank you! Great site!


  12. Annie Chern says:

    I would love to be a contributor to this blog! What we do here at the Laboratory School at the University of Toronto is explore and nurture inquiry-based learning – we would love to share ideas and hear stories from teachers and educators of their experiences with it. We are also strongly committed to professional development and dissemination so any opportunity to connect with fellow teachers and researchers is very exciting! Let me know what the next steps might be.


  13. Melissa Taylor says:

    I really enjoy seeing inquiry in action as I finish up my final semester of elementary education at IUPUI! Thank you for sharing your classroom activities with the world!


  14. Janine's Music Room says:

    What a great group of minds! I’ve just begun reading through many insightful posts about teaching through inquiry, but I would love to contribute as well. I am a music teacher, and I also have a blog about teaching through inquiry (with emphasis on PYP)–not just in music, but also the ideas and philosophies of student-led classrooms as well.


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