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Confusion is good and grades are overemphasised. Less us, more them. Working in a learning and teaching leadership role in a Sydney school.

Is Teaching an Art or a Science?

When a pedagogy of ‘teaching by mentioning’ rewards formulaic learners, it can be easy to ignore that teaching is contextual and situational. When I teach I am often unaware of the value of my own experiential knowledge and, due to … Continue reading

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Resistance to change

I have some questions. Why are schools so resistant to change? Is it because of the entrenched patterns of institutionalised social relationships in schools? Is it due to the separate culture that grows within a school, binding personalities together and … Continue reading

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Surrendering Control

A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, a bird sings because it has a song. ~ Maya Angelou I wonder about the connection between a desire to grade and my personality? I question the role my own ego … Continue reading

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Grading Dilemma

I teach in a school that requires me to hand in three classmarks each semester for Grades 7-10. These marks are totalled and then used in conjunction with the school-based common examination results each semester to sort the students. On … Continue reading

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The feedback loop

Last year I had the inspirational opportunity to take a class with Eleanor Duckworth at Harvard Graduate School of Education. Professor Duckworth views learning as developing understanding, and teaching as helping learners construct their own understanding. Just as Piaget argued … Continue reading

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