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Inquiry: To What End?

This was originally supposed to be a simple reply to Aviva Dunsiger’s blog post. I soon realized it would have been too short and thus I could have been easily misunderstood. It all started with my question: “How do these projects enable … Continue reading

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Thinking: Shaken Not Stirred

prov·o·ca·tion  (prv-kshn) n. 1. The act of provoking or inciting. 2. Something that provokes. Our brain needs it. To engage. To learn. To remember. In an inquiry-centered environment learning provocations abound. They motivate, sustain, invite to future wonder. The recipe? Confusion, strong reaction, interest. … Continue reading

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To…Thinking and Beyond (Facts)

Paraphrasing the old Chinese proverb I would say, “Teach your students facts and you empower them for a test. Teach them how to think, and you empower them for a lifetime.” Having a good vision on education answers the WHY … Continue reading

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