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MYP Coordinator and MYP Humanities teacher. Currently passionate about developing concept-based inquiry skills in the Humanities classroom.

Sophisticated Inquiries in MYP Humanities

During the first unit of my Grade 10 MYP Humanities class, after a Blitzkreig through the various government systems and political ideologies, I give the students two concepts – ideology, and governance. The rest is up to them: the topic of their inquiry, … Continue reading

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Wrapping it up

In my MYP Humanities classes, I structure my units so the first 30% is a primarily teacher-directed exploration of factual content knowledge, while the other 70% is an entirely student-directed inquiry into conceptual understanding. For instance, in my grade 9 … Continue reading

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How my students responded to open inquiry

Like most teachers, I’ve been caught up in the day-to-day business of my job, and have forgotten my promise to keep you updated with how my students responded to my experiment in “Flipping the Inquiry Ratio.” (posted here: Students were … Continue reading

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Flipping the Inquiry Ratio

In the past five years as an MYP teacher, and the past few as MYP Coordinator visiting other teachers’ classrooms, I’ve noticed that even though the MYP is a curriculum framework designed to support student-led inquiry, for the most part … Continue reading

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