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Scaffolding Action

At the beginning of our school year here at BHA, our Elementary Principal spoke to us about the development of a service culture within our school. This is one of our school wide goals for the 2013/14 year so she … Continue reading

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The Seeds of Growth: Why Creativity is Important in Education

Following on from @dwyerteacher’s recent post about the Principles of Creative Leadership, I thought I would post a recent article that I submitted for our school newsletter. Its heavily referenced from Ken Robinson’s work and I encourage all educators to … Continue reading

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The Question Quadrant – idea into practice

Last year I blogged about the Question Quadrant as a way to develop the inquiry skills of my students. The aim was to make them better problem posers and this will have an obvious impact on their inquiries. Having read … Continue reading

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An Oasis of Creativity

Over the past two weeks I’ve been trialling a learning experience with my students which I call Oasis Time. I’ve borrowed the term from John Cleese, who coined it during a lecture on creativity. You can watch a short section … Continue reading

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A dividing inquiry

This morning my students tackled a problem that required them to use a variety of skills and processes they have recently been working with. You might be able to see in the picture below that they had to find a … Continue reading

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