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I am currently the Elementary Principal ISS International School Singapore. My website is and twitter @DerekPinchbeck

Do our classrooms use all options to enable students to create meaning?

A version of this post originally appeared on my website:   Embodied Cognition would appear to to moving our understanding of cognition and the creation of meaning beyond purely what is happening in the mind. However in school’s we still emphasise … Continue reading

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How structured should structured inquiry be?

How structured should  inquiry be? The desire to create an effective pedagogy which enables students to both learn through inquiry and learn to inquire, raises an interesting tension within many practitioners. The key questions of  ‘How much structure should the teacher provide?’ … Continue reading

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Do we have the confidence to allow students to be playful learners?

This post originally appeared on my own site In his seminal work, Play of Man, (click on the link to download a free copy) written in 1901, Karl Groos proposed that there are certain universal types of play which all … Continue reading

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Why do we stop children being playful learners and then worry about how we can make them creative?

This post originally appeared on Mitch Resnick in his article Lifelong Kindergarten concludes with the thought :“Instead of making kindergarten more like the rest of school, we need to make the rest of school – indeed, the rest of … Continue reading

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Makers,Designers,Tinkerers and Thinkers: Realising the potential and avoiding the pitfalls

Bill Lucas and Guy Claxton in their excellent book New Kinds of Smart make the point that a common misconception about intelligence is that ‘The mind and body are separate and truly intelligent activity is located in the mind.’ Lucas … Continue reading

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Teaching to inquire and (not vs) teaching through inquiry.

This post is adapted from one that originally appeared on: Education over the years has been rife with false dichotomies and good pedagogical ideas which have hardened into unhelpful dogmas. As a teacher who is committed to the goals … Continue reading

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