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Inquiry in Science

In response to my questions on the Inquiry Dry Spell post I wrote Edna (@whatedsaid) posed some questions to get me thinking about inquiry in my Science classes. She wrote the following on her post, Response to the dry spell… … Continue reading

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Adding More Inquiry

I use Carolina’s STC/MS Energy, Machines, and Motion kit (EMM) with my 6th graders. The lessons in this kit are well structured to take advantage of how people learn by making sure every lesson starts by eliciting prior knowledge of … Continue reading

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Inquiry Dry Spell?

I wrote my first post for Inquire Within on Nov 29, 2010 and my last post was on Dec 5, 2011. I’ve gone two whole years without writing a post! Last school year, after many months of not writing a … Continue reading

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More on Questioning

Through my work with the Olympic Math and Science Partnership (OMSP) I have been learning a lot about the formative process. One aspect of formative assessment or assessment for learning that is of extra interest to me has been questioning. … Continue reading

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Promoting Inquiry Through Exploring Predictions

A few years back I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in an online media production professional development toolkit for middle school educators. Vulcan Productions teamed up with Education Development Center to create Success at the Core. Registering … Continue reading

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Lab Saved!

Last week our 8th grade Bacteria Labs went all wrong. Student teams went all around the school swabbing different places to see where they would find the most bacteria. What happened was something I didn’t expect, not one single petri … Continue reading

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When is Structure Needed?

Back in November I was reflecting on whether or not inquiry can be, or should be, structured. Overall my conclusion was that yes, it can and should, at times, be structured by the teacher. Even with my 8th graders I … Continue reading

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Quick Inquiry Field Trip

A colleague of mine, Kit Pennell, gave me a great idea. I am teaching two 8th grade life science classes and I’ve been looking for opportunities to get my students to generate questions they are interested in learning about. Luckily … Continue reading

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Whiteboarding in Science

Even after almost convincing my 8th graders that air had no mass I still moved them forward and hope that they remember all the different gasses that make up our air and how each gas has an atomic weight, which … Continue reading

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Sometimes Science Lessons Just Go Wrong

My Science PLC has a few concepts that we have been reviewing with our students in grades 6 – 12 for the past few years. One of those concepts was brought to us by one of our high school teachers … Continue reading

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