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Hello there! I'm a learning consultant, Carnatic music vocalist, a motivational speaker and a life long learner. I personally believe in the limitless potential of the human mind to constantly learn, unlearn and relearn. I believe in the power of people to transform themselves by realising their innate potential. As a Carnatic music vocalist, teacher, and a tennis player I constantly strive to bring my life lessons on self-discipline and commitment – with a touch of music. Having travelled across the globe, I cherish my experience working with people of multiple cultures, from various walks of life. With an infectious smile and a never-say-never attitude, I lives this message. I developed interest in the human mind from my post graduation study of Biochemistry. I'm pursuing his quest for learning by working as a principal learning consultant for GP Strategies, which is one of the top 10 professional training organisations in the world. As a certified learning experience design professional with over 12 years of industry experience, I have delivered technical presentations and participated in panel discussions on national and international platforms. I specialise in performance needs analysis, design thinking, instructional design and developing learning strategies to motivate learners from across the globe. I have conducted numerous training session on AGILE, email etiquette, time management, empathy, listening skills, and self-motivation. I believe in the power of interaction and connection to enable an effective and reflective learning process. Being a passionate storyteller helps me sustain high levels of energy in people making me a genuine partner in their journey. You are free to comment and interact with me on my posts.

For the sake of grades

Knowledge without transformation is not wisdom. – Paulo Coelho The word “grades” in school can now be equated to the word “terrorists”. Grades are terrorizing both the students and the teachers. Students are pressurized to obtain higher grades and teachers … Continue reading

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Discover it for yourself!

This is quick post on my experience at the holiday Scilab camp at office today. Yesterday, I was demonstrating concepts of Newton’s laws, air pressure and the Joule-Thomson effect with balloons. At the end of the session, a couple of … Continue reading

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