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I'm a teacher, coach, mentor, mental health advocate, and writer in Alberta, Canada.

Action Research- Fun and Learning?

  by  mrsdkrebs Rationale Statement: My seventh grade teaching colleagues and I returned from Christmas break with a new direction.  We are realizing more and more within the context of our inquiry based school that to authentically teach inquiry learning skills, we … Continue reading

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A “Starbucks” classroom…

We started with an inquiry question… “why aren’t Starbuck’s Coffee houses drive through only?” We discussed this question for quite some time… here’s what we came up with: They wouldn’t sell as much coffee (to which we asked why, and … Continue reading

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One Size Fits All?

flickr image via cameronparkins My school (formerly a sixth to eighth grade middle school,) is now an inquiry-focused, sciences and technology kindergarten to eighth grade school… elements that when put together can also be called my dream job. The school … Continue reading

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Define questions; discover answers…

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” – Albert Einstein Cross posted from original post at KARE Givers      Traditional school curriculum defines answers and makes up questions. We need curriculum that defines … Continue reading

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Innovative Voices in Education- Engaging Diverse Communities

A new book is on the horizon. Innovative Voices in Education- Engaging Diverse Communities, is described by  leading urban sociologist and Peter L. Agnew Professor of Education at New York University, Pedro Norguera as “clear and compelling… an invaluable resource.”  Given that Norguera’s scholarship and … Continue reading

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Students as “moving targets…”

flickr CC image via johntrainor When I coach lacrosse I’m always telling players that standing still is not good. In lacrosse, as in many other sports, a player wants to be where they think the ball will go before it … Continue reading

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Our dive into self organized learning…

After learning about Sugata Mitra’s Hole in the Wall experiment, I started thinking about how the context of Self-Organized Learning Environments would help my students. Last March we created a SOLE in our fifth grade math class. Watch this TED … Continue reading

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