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I am a Digital Literacy Coach in Indonesia. I am from Vancouver but now call Melbourne home. I have lived in Indonesia for over twenty years and enjoy sports and travel. I enjoy making stuff, photography and learning with and from others.

I Inquire …(with a Little Help from my Friends)

This post is a bit overdue but things have been happening fast around here these days.…so here it goes…This year I am teaching grade 3 for the first time. I’ve taught many grades but not grade 3. After 5 years … Continue reading

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We built more than a Structure, we built a Foundation

We’ve been doing a lot of challenges in Grade 1 – thanks ‏@bfinnimore . Our challenge, to build a structure that can hold as many dictionaries as possible.There have been a lot of tears in Grade 1. We’ve had conflict. Resolution. Design. … Continue reading

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What Inquiry Isn’t

I begin this year of teaching by thinking about my own journey of what inquiry actually means to me and my teaching . Im still amazed by the power of authentic inquiry. Inquiry in my grade 1 class is sometimes … Continue reading

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Imagine there’s no…..Conceptual Understandings

Conceptual understandings. These are what underpin what we do in class. Or at least should be. Concepts underpin inquiry. Inquiring into something is difficult if the concepts are not understood. The purpose of this workshop was: To develop strategies that … Continue reading

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Spontaneous Inquiry

A few years ago when Kath Murdoch aka @kjinquiry came to present at my school  at an EARCOS Weekend Workshop on Inquiry Based Learning, I ran a teacher workshop on what I called Spontaneous Inquiry. Spontaneous Inquiry involves little teachable … Continue reading

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Sharing the Planet – VoiceThread Style

Sharing the Planet – VoiceThread Style June 8, 2012 tags: inquiry, pyp, reflection Connections. Once again I asked for assistance from my PLN to connect with to help my grade 1 class engage with others and share their learning. To unlock … Continue reading

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It’s in the cards- A post on Just in Time Learning: The Learner Profile

So I was a bit sad the other day after school. As I was walking out of the classroom to go home and something caught my eye. Something that I was a bit shocked to see to be honest. It … Continue reading

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Reflective Connections- Times are a Changing….

So we are in the middle of a unit on change. About how the world changes. How and why maps change to reflect such change. Change is such a dynamic concept. It is a concept our children will see so … Continue reading

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Learning is Contagious, Luckily Dengue Fever Isn’t- The Process of Action in Inquiry

Learning is contagious. Watching my grade 1 class prepare for the annual grade 1 class science fair last week really made me realise how much I love teaching and watching the learning unfold. Yes there were moments of guidance, but … Continue reading

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The Hive- Reflections of a Collaborator

I always feel, after we hold our collaborative planning/reflection sessions at school. Ive discovered that the more I know about the PYP, the LESS I  know. It sounds odd sure. You get this unit that is pretty sound, its all … Continue reading

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