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Is this a habitat in which inquiry can thrive? Questions and warning bells for the inquiry classroom

I posted this on my blog a few weeks ago and have had some lively conversations and reflections as a result.  Posting here in the hope that it may spark similar conversations amongst inquiry teachers… I was reading an … Continue reading

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Passion and curiosity can’t happen ‘on demand’! or ‘What do the ‘shoulder shruggers’ need?

This post first appeared on  I’m posting it again here – with a few extra thoughts included! Throughout 2014, I have been busy exploring various approaches to personalized inquiry in schools. This has been one of my own significant … Continue reading

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How do inquiry teachers teach?

This post was first published a few weeks ago on my own blog  It has sparked many useful discussions for me both on and off line. Given the followers of THIS illustrious blog are such keen inquirers, I thought … Continue reading

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Busting some myths about ‘the inquiry cycle’

(This post first appeared last month on my blog I once read an interview with a hero of my early teaching days – Donald Graves. He was asked about the way people had misinterpreted his ‘process writing’ model and … Continue reading

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How healthy is our inquiry planning?

(This post was originally published on my blog “”) Over the last few weeks I have spent a lot of time ‘at the planning table’ with teams in several schools. I always relish the opportunity to be part of a … Continue reading

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What true inquiry teachers DON’T say

  A version of this post appears on my blog  It was inspired by a recent trend in the twittersphere  “#whatnoteachersaidever.“   That this trended so quickly was fascinating.  By highlighting the statements we would NOT hear from a teacher … Continue reading

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What can kids teach us about curiosity?

I recently spent a fascinating morning with students at a local primary school – asking about a concept that I have been increasingly curious about – curiosity.  What did they think it was? Did they think they were curious? How … Continue reading

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