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I am a grade 5 teacher in a PYP school in Chicago, Illinois, USA. From the US originally, I worked in Asia the last 13 years. I am passionate about inquiry-driven education, collaboration, and ensuring kids get to continue to be kids that play, create and think as long as they can. Outside of school, l love to write, read, hike, run, meditate and travel.

Creating a Culture of Science in the PYP

I gravitate toward all things inquiry, and today I clicked on a Ted Radio Hour podcast called “The Spirit of Inquiry.” What could be better than jogging and listening to a podcast about inquiry. Geekily…well, nothing. I’ve been preparing a … Continue reading

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The Real Meaning of Inquiry: A parent’s story

Inquiry is always on my mind as I see its effectiveness again and again and again. Thanks Edna for your insightful, informative post recently about “10 Ways to Make Learning Meaningful.” It’s perfect, and perfect timing as I muse about … Continue reading

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Stop, Pause, Inquire

Just recently, I’ve had to stop and pause in our mad rush to get everything done: the rush to bring the students up to speed in their conceptual math understanding; to read with passion, to engage in our calming, writers’ … Continue reading

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Do My Students Really Suck at Inquiry?

“My Kids Suck at Inquiry.” Someone mentioned this and the other day, and I laughed, along with others, because it feels true so much of the time. However, on reflection, is it the kids that suck at inquiry or should … Continue reading

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Differentiating for “Gifted and Talented”

I’ve been thinking about how to differentiate more for “exceptional students” lately, and today a woman from Tournament of Minds talked to us about a gifted and talented program we will offer at our school. She made me think about … Continue reading

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Inquiring as Teachers

Inquiry. The heart of the PYP. In a PYP school, we encourage our children to inquire, wonder, think and dream. It comes to kids naturally, and so mostly, we encourage and provide a safe space where they can do that. … Continue reading

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The Power to Say “No”

How often do you say “No” at an educational institution? This isn’t about the power of positive thinking and offering encouraging words to students. It’s about saying “No” to things that get in the way of learning. Over the years, … Continue reading

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Developing Independence and Inquiry

It’s a new school year, and our family is in a new school. After being comfortable in our previous school for 6 years, we decided it was time to shake it up. From Japan to Bangladesh, here we are. We … Continue reading

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Going with the Flow

I was taking a yoga class the other night from a new teacher and so excited to be back after a yoga hiatus for several months. I wasn’t sure why I so needed to drop everything and go to yoga … Continue reading

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Student Voice and Learning

I can’t imagine a school without a discussion. I teach 4th grade, but I’ve had great discussions with my kids in 4th and when I taught 5th as well. When I’ve visited a 1st grade classroom many times this year, … Continue reading

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