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I am a grade 5 teacher in a PYP school in Chicago, Illinois, USA. From the US originally, I worked in Asia the last 13 years. I am passionate about inquiry-driven education, collaboration, and ensuring kids get to continue to be kids that play, create and think as long as they can. Outside of school, l love to write, read, hike, run, meditate and travel.

The Power of a Provocation

Sharing the Planet One of the best things I love about teaching in our PYP school is the freedom to provoke and then the time to reflect and inquire. We began our a unit this week on “Sharing the Planet,” … Continue reading

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Pursuing Inquiry Action

I’m still wondering if our action led to inquiry or vice versa? It started with plastic water bottles. The 10th graders at our school were selling them the last few weeks as part of a Business Studies project. Their point … Continue reading

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An Inquiry into Distraction

Sometimes the most spontaneous ideas turn out well. The elementary tech coach and I were meeting the other day about technical stuff, but I couldn’t get something off my mind, and so our conversation turned to focus and the distractibility … Continue reading

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A Long Math Inquiry and Questions

The Locker Problem Last week, we went off on a tangent in our grade 5 classroom at YIS. It happens a lot in a PYP classroom. We were searching our class Twitter account @yis5b and ran across a posting from … Continue reading

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Over the last few days, I’ve learned a lot from my students. I always say I learn a lot from my students, but now I think I’m listening more. Here’s what I’ve seen and heard over just the last few … Continue reading

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A Personal Journey into Inquiry

Inquire Within has become like a steamy cup of my favorite cup of Earl Grey tea and  really has brought me along professionally as an inquiry teacher. I feel like I’m new to the inquiry model. Years ago, I taught … Continue reading

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An Inquiry into Spelling

ES Teachers Inquire into Spelling from YIS Academics on Vimeo. During a recent staff meeting, teachers tried out some word sorting to figure out spelling patterns. We were investigating how we could use inquiry to teach spelling. There was a … Continue reading

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