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Head of Primary / PYP Co-ordinator, International School Moshi, Tanzania

Learning from the best teachers – students!

Learning from students is always so inspiring and personally, I think they are the one under utilised resource in schools that can illuminate our understanding of the teaching and learning profession. Unfortunately too many teachers think they know best, but … Continue reading

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Attitudes to Reflection

The start of a new school year is always filled with anticipation of the unknown, it is truly an emotionally mixed time for both teachers and students. So, as we embark on getting to know our students as learners it … Continue reading

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Teacher Goal Setting – Learning oriented vs Performance oriented goals.

I have been pondering over the idea of professional goal setting this last week. I’m sure many professionals are familiar with the experience of goal setting and being evaluated upon the extent to which they achieve those goals. In teaching … Continue reading

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Contemplating the potential of portfolios

Last week we began to look at our portfolio guidelines and agreements and it triggered recent memories of my own experience of helping students develop their portfolios in the classroom. As much as we are aware of the true value … Continue reading

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The language of misconceptions – a provocation for inquiry?

We are constantly reassured that inquiry is a natural phenomenon, part of the way we learn as humans… the intuitive art of learning to question through wonderment  and curiosity. Yet what do we do when inquiry feels imposed? Does not … Continue reading

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