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I love education & learning, which likely explains why I'm a teacher. My areas are ELA, Sr. sciences, and technology. My classroom is best described as a student-centred, tech embedded pbl/inquiry learning environment. Furthermore, I am Buck Institute for Education National Faculty member

The Difference

Two recent experiences have significantly impacted the way I think about teaching and learning and the importance of student autonomy and volition in our classrooms. I recently had the opportunity to attend a PD seminar around embedding technology in the … Continue reading

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Just Curious.

One of the questions I’m asked frequently is, “Are your students curious?”  My answer? No.  At least not when they first enter my classroom.  By grade 10, we’ve schooled the curiousity and imagination out of them.  As Seth Godin states, … Continue reading

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Five Roles of the Inquiry Teacher

This past week I learned how crucial the role of the teacher is in the inquiry classroom. In fact, during the course of the week, I came to see that an inquiry teacher has at least five roles to play … Continue reading

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Inquiry Learning: This isn’t Scary at All!

I love the first day of school, as much now as when I was a child. The reason I love it so much? I have an inquiry classroom. I teach chemistry and biology, both are inquiry and project-based. However, it … Continue reading

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