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I'm a Canadian abroad, PYP Coordinator/Assistant Principal, WLU & Nipissing alumni, minimalist, book reader, dance instructor, nap lover & coffee addict. Currently working at AISM.

Student Written Day Plans

Originally posted here. Before the year started I asked the question: Who should be writing the day plans? I also offered an uncommon answer: The students. So this year I decided to give it a try and I put the day … Continue reading

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A PHE Approach to Teaching and Learning

Originally posted on Educationed:
It’s easy to label PHE as an outsider subject – “Not that important” or it’s euphemistic cousin “non-academic” are two phrases I’ve heard to describe the subject. However, this post is not about the overwhelming importance…

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Assessment done with students, not to students

Posted on Risk and Reflect I strongly believe that assessment is something that should be done with students, not something that is done to  students. So this year, being back in the classroom, I wanted to put that belief into practice. We have just … Continue reading

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An inquiry into homework

It comes as no surprise that the issue of homework in elementary classrooms is quite the hot topic these days. In thinking about starting my year back in the classroom I decided that I – like many other teachers around the world -was … Continue reading

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