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Elementary teacher interested in inquiry-based learning & iPad technology in the classroom.

Curiosity and Teamwork

The following article was posted on the TeachOntario website, on April 4th, 2016. It shares the experience of two teachers collaborating and shows the steps they took toward implementing the inquiry approach to teaching. To view the full article of … Continue reading

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Why Are They Disengaged? My Students Told Me Why

Originally posted on Pernille Ripp:
I used to think that when students were disengaged it was their own fault, and while sometimes that is still true, I have found in my years of teaching that a lot of the fault…

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An Approach to Inquiry

During the 2014 school year, we created videos that support inquiry-based teaching and learning for teachers. These video clips are being used to assist in the roll-out of the 2013 ‘Social Studies (Grade 1 to 6) History & Geography (Grade … Continue reading

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Variety in the Classroom Benefits All Learners!

This is a repost from our website – There is the old saying ‘variety is the spice of life’ to consider when running an inquiry based classroom.  True.  But is it enough to provide variety without a focused goal? … Continue reading

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Sometimes Inquiry-Based Teaching Leads You!

The following post was written by my colleague and posted on our website Sometimes inquiry-based teaching leads you.  You’re just along for the ride, so to speak.  I wanted to give my students some freedom to suggest ideas for … Continue reading

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