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Diagnosing inquiry

When we first begin the journey of leading students into inquiry, we discover that it’s messy.  People are uncomfortable being taught this way.   They want easy answers and quick resolution to their questions.  Students want the teacher to gift … Continue reading

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Never look a gift horse skeleton in the mouth

This post was inspired by the post Inquiry Stylee: Return of the “Horse” by  Shawn Cornally.  His blog, Think Thank Thunk, just plain rocks. So often, the best inquiry smacks you right in the face and you don’t even see it coming. … Continue reading

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What is inquiry?

Sometimes I think we forget what inquiry really is. We talk about “levels of inquiry” and give equal time to practices that are not really inquiry. We talk about open ended inquiry as if it were an ideal to aspire … Continue reading

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Don’t do inquiry

No, I’m not trying reverse psychology here.  I really don’t want you to do inquiry in your classroom.  Seriously. 10 Reasons NOT to do inquiry: 10. Inquiry is too loud and too messy You bet it is!  There will be … Continue reading

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