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Teaching and Learning Coordinator at an IB PYP school in Melbourne, Australia. I'm a teacher, a learner, an inquirer...

Response to the dry spell…

Hi Al, Thanks for posting your honest self-reflection, in which you wondered if/where the inquiry has gone. “… I didn’t know if I wasn’t thinking inquiry because I haven’t been doing any inquiry with my students or because inquiry is … Continue reading

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Liberating learning spaces…

This post was written by Des, a Grade 5 teacher at my school who is constantly on her own inquiry journey – into inquiry, technology and learning spaces… My students have always had their own special seat with their own … Continue reading

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What does inquiry look like?

The first question in last night’s #pypchat on Twitter  brought a wonderful range of answers from educators across five continents… What does inquiry look/sound/feel like? Vibrant, alive, expect the unexpected. – Jane Kids engaged, talking, creating, observing, collaborating.- Linda Students … Continue reading

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An inquiry journey…

(Skip the background paragraph if you like, it gets more interesting.) My school is an authorised IB world school, following the Primary Years Program (PYP), and we’re currently in the process of our ‘self study’ in preparation for an evaluation … Continue reading

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A Language Inquiry

Thinking aloud here, as part of my own inquiry…  Inquiry learning includes questioning, wondering, experimenting, learning from mistakes, discovering, uncovering, solving problems, seeking clarification, finding out, constructing meaning… in authentic contexts. Can this apply to language learning? My friend Greta, keen … Continue reading

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Provoking Curiosity

It takes a while before the children think of putting paper into this old typewriter to make it do something… They wonder if the flat disks beside it are the films for the old camera! They’re exploring a mini museum … Continue reading

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Depends what you are looking for…

Sometimes we are too busy watching for the things we think are looking for… the right answer, completion of work, ‘good’ behaviour, compliance or conformity. So we miss important things our students are saying (or not saying)… questions, thoughts, sparks, … Continue reading

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Is inquiry a struggle for you?

I was asked by someone starting up a collective blog whether we have a schedule at Inquire Within, with some sort of plan of who will post when. I told him inquiry doesn’t work that way. Sometimes Inquire Within goes … Continue reading

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Inquiring into learning…

Adapted slightly from a recent post at What Ed Said. Do you focus as much on the process of learning as the content? Do your students reflect as much on how they learn as on what they learn. As a … Continue reading

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There will always be something new to discover…

 I’m not particularly organised in my online life. I often look for ‘a great video I saw once’ or ‘that excellent blog by someone’ or ‘the fabulous post about x’. I often wish I was better at bookmarking and curating … Continue reading

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