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Student Written Day Plans

Originally posted here. Before the year started I asked the question: Who should be writing the day plans? I also offered an uncommon answer: The students. So this year I decided to give it a try and I put the day … Continue reading

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Creating a Culture of Science in the PYP

I gravitate toward all things inquiry, and today I clicked on a Ted Radio Hour podcast called “The Spirit of Inquiry.” What could be better than jogging and listening to a podcast about inquiry. Geekily…well, nothing. I’ve been preparing a … Continue reading

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A survival kit for teachers

Originally posted on The Space of Jeans Teaching a class must be one of the most challenging things to do. The responsibilities are immense, yet the rewards, while sometimes buried deep, are endless. Teachers are asked to: know every child – … Continue reading

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The Real Meaning of Inquiry: A parent’s story

Inquiry is always on my mind as I see its effectiveness again and again and again. Thanks Edna for your insightful, informative post recently about “10 Ways to Make Learning Meaningful.” It’s perfect, and perfect timing as I muse about … Continue reading

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Engaging all learners …

Posted on The Space of Jeans Observing the world, reading and viewing gives one a great opportunities to ask questions; reflect on one’s own practice and try to make meaningful, practical suggestions.    How do we get all learners to … Continue reading

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Teaching or learning?

Posted on The Space of Jeans Image taken from All Things Learning Here’s the question for today … What do we value more? Teaching or learning?  This question could be debated from many perspectives, with a huge amount of evidence to justify … Continue reading

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Assessment done with students, not to students

Posted on Risk and Reflect I strongly believe that assessment is something that should be done with students, not something that is done to  students. So this year, being back in the classroom, I wanted to put that belief into practice. We have just … Continue reading

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