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A PHE Approach to Teaching and Learning

Originally posted on Educationed:
It’s easy to label PHE as an outsider subject – “Not that important” or it’s euphemistic cousin “non-academic” are two phrases I’ve heard to describe the subject. However, this post is not about the overwhelming importance…

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Turning the Teaching Over to Students

Every quarter I lead 50 college undergraduates in an inquiry-based course called “Teaching as a Profession.” My students are not teachers. At least, not yet. They are majoring in everything from Chemistry to Computer Science. But they are curious about teaching … Continue reading

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Touching the Eternal

Is a class in argumentation—where we analyze complex issues like immigration, police policies and food stamps—necessarily a good educational experience? Yes, it seems in today’s world we need to be able to function with this capability—to take a stand, see … Continue reading

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What can materials do?

 “In any environment, both the degree of inventiveness and creativity, and the possibility of discovery, are directly proportional to the number and kind of variables in it.”- Simon Nicholson, Architect   Over the past few weeks, we have been researching what materials can … Continue reading

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Not Yet, But Soon

I have been reading many blog posts and tweets on expectations for ourselves and our students and I continue to look at the power of “Yet” as a place marker for moving on. Two post from my archives that continue … Continue reading

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SPT Conferences: Lost & Found

Originally published in my blog Ser y Estar: Conferences have always represented a moment to emphasize the importance of the relationship that must exist between learners, teachers, and parents. Most importantly, I have always regarded these occasions as an opportunity … Continue reading

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Will It Help or Hurt to Review Scores With My First Grader?

This post was originally published here. I’d like to also add that since I wrote it, I have come across the video below, “Animal School” by Raising Small Souls. As a parent and teacher, it makes me further consider whether … Continue reading

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