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Making Time

How do you plan for your strategic use of time? In a culture that seems to take some kind of pride in talking about how busy we all are, it seems even more important that we purposefully plan for our … Continue reading

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PROCESS POST: Curiosity is the tap root of innovation and deep learning.

So you never know where curiosity-based research will lead…. Robert Full: The secrets of nature’s grossest creatures channeled into robots. Observe. Question. Experiment. Associate. Network. (from Innovator’s DNA) Is your school interested, even peripherally, in nurturing innovators? If so, then have you studied … Continue reading

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Making reality a school. #IDreamASchool

If school is meant to prepare students for real life, then why doesn’t school look more like real life? This is the primary question that has kept me research-busy for the past seven to ten years, at varying degrees. Of … Continue reading

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CHANGEd: What if we teachers had to enroll in our own classes…and at least one more? 60-60-60 #59

I’ve written before about teachers and students swapping roles, and so has my amazing 60-60-60 mirror, @mmhoward. But what if we teachers simply had to enroll in our own classes? Would we ourselves enjoy the structure we employ, the instructional practice, the … Continue reading

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Dreaming #PBL: Whatever It Is I Think I See Becomes a PBL to Me!

Whatever it is I think I see becomes a PBL to me! [sung to the tune of 1977 Tootsie Roll commercial embedded below] If you were alive and watching TV in the mid to late 1970s, then perhaps you remember this … Continue reading

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A piece of “what”: questions are wind in the sails on open seas, not speed bumps on “coverage road”

Questions are waypoints on the path of wisdom. – Grant Lichtman, The Falconer The difference between grappling and other forms of learning is that when the questions become the students’ own, so do the answers. – Sizer and Sizer, The Students Are … Continue reading

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