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The better to inform you with

This entry was originally published in my blog Ser y Estar: https://rafangel.wordpress.com ‘Oh! Grandmother,’ she said, ‘what big ears you have!’ ‘All the better to hear you with, my child,’ was the reply. ‘But, grandmother, what big eyes you have!’ … Continue reading

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More on concept driven inquiry…

In a concept driven, inquiry based learning environment, we do NOT plan a series of activities to ensure coverage of the requirements of our national curriculum. Instead we spend our planning time reflecting collaboratively, exploring which conceptual lenses will produce the … Continue reading

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A concept driven inquiry into history…

The inquiry  Central Idea – ‘Investigating history helps us understand the present.‘ The teachers collaboratively develop a rubric for the desired conceptual understandings so that, with shared goals in mind, we can plan a couple of powerful provocations and then wait … Continue reading

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Wrapping it up

In my MYP Humanities classes, I structure my units so the first 30% is a primarily teacher-directed exploration of factual content knowledge, while the other 70% is an entirely student-directed inquiry into conceptual understanding. For instance, in my grade 9 … Continue reading

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