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Is inquiry a struggle for you?

I was asked by someone starting up a collective blog whether we have a schedule at Inquire Within, with some sort of plan of who will post when. I told him inquiry doesn’t work that way. Sometimes Inquire Within goes … Continue reading

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Questioning Facts

  by  shewatchedthesky  Questioning is a skill.  Asking lots of questions helps paint a more complete picture.   There are no stupid questions, as such, but what you ask determines the answer you get.  I know these because I worked as a … Continue reading

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The language of misconceptions – a provocation for inquiry?

We are constantly reassured that inquiry is a natural phenomenon, part of the way we learn as humans… the intuitive art of learning to question through wonderment  and curiosity. Yet what do we do when inquiry feels imposed? Does not … Continue reading

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An inquiry of my own…

‘Inquire Within’ is a blog for discussion about inquiry, where teachers can learn from and with other teachers, a shared investigation into what inquiry looks like in different contexts and an opportunity to share challenges and successes. So far, so good. It … Continue reading

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