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Questions and Implementing the Curriculum

        Of late, I am very keen on considering the questions and language that we use when implementing and designing the curriculum. Questioning the curriculum itself, in addition to being aware of our questions that we put … Continue reading

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Knowledge Building: What is it Really?

Isn’t it really just learning by another name? We hear a lot about knowledge building in education circles these days! What is it anyway? Why don’t we just call it learning? Where did this term knowledge building come from? When … Continue reading

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The URGE to Inquire

Since the dawn of time, humans have been plagued by urges: primal urges, creative urges, instinctual urges, relational urges…When we have an urge we are propelled to act by either delving into the urge, or repressing it. Learning urges are … Continue reading

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A framework for inquiry

On Monday at the Inquiry Hub, when students come to school this Points of Inquiry image is going to be in all classrooms and learning spaces. Here is where the image comes from: The Points of Inquiry_ A Framework for Information … Continue reading

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PBL: Managing the mushy middle

Everyone pretty much agrees that the most troubling and challenging aspect of PBL is the actual process of running a project. At our recent Project Learning Swap Meet in Sydney, Mike Wheadon made the insightful point that many teachers know … Continue reading

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Inquiry with Evernote vol 2

After spending the summer curating and tagging a veritable plethora of resources for inquiry (300+ notes) and with the first day of a new school year rapidly approaching, it’s time to use Evernote to plan a unit of inquiry for … Continue reading

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Teacher or Learning Architect?

“I think…”, “I feel like …”, “Try this…”, “It sounds like…”, “I’m not sure how exactly to describe it, but it’s like…”, “Ahhh…”, “I’m not sure…”, “There has to be…”, “It is…but it isn’t…”, “It’s not…”, “How do you…?”, “I … Continue reading

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