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Knowledge Building: What is it Really?

Isn’t it really just learning by another name? We hear a lot about knowledge building in education circles these days! What is it anyway? Why don’t we just call it learning? Where did this term knowledge building come from? When … Continue reading

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Project Based Learning: Don’t Start with a Question

End with a Question through Tinkering-Based Learning Do you have to start project-based learning (PBL) with a question? (Oh, wait a second! Am I starting this post with a question?) This is something many people ask. I understand why this … Continue reading

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So Which Pedagogical Cocktails Are Drinking Today?

cc licensed (BY-NC) flickr photo by Thomas Hawk: http://flickr.com/photos/thomashawk/2355249759 I am not sure if I was being naive or slightly arrogant, but this post began its life as an effort to provide an overview of the different modes and methods … Continue reading

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How do inquiry teachers teach?

This post was first published a few weeks ago on my own blog justwondering.com.  It has sparked many useful discussions for me both on and off line. Given the followers of THIS illustrious blog are such keen inquirers, I thought … Continue reading

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A piece of “what”: questions are wind in the sails on open seas, not speed bumps on “coverage road”

Questions are waypoints on the path of wisdom. – Grant Lichtman, The Falconer The difference between grappling and other forms of learning is that when the questions become the students’ own, so do the answers. – Sizer and Sizer, The Students Are … Continue reading

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