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English Language Support programmes in international schools

After reading Edna’s thought-provoking article about a language inquiry I started thinking about the complexity involved in setting up English language support programmes in international schools.  As educators in an IB school we are all expected to be Communicators: “We … Continue reading

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The Seeds of Growth: Why Creativity is Important in Education

Following on from @dwyerteacher’s recent post about the Principles of Creative Leadership, I thought I would post a recent article that I submitted for our school newsletter. Its heavily referenced from Ken Robinson’s work and I encourage all educators to … Continue reading

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A Personal Journey into Inquiry

Inquire Within has become like a steamy cup of my favorite cup of Earl Grey tea and  really has brought me along professionally as an inquiry teacher. I feel like I’m new to the inquiry model. Years ago, I taught … Continue reading

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Making Learning Personal

This little video is part of a series of reflections on the PYP Exhibition and the processes involved. However, it could also be a general reflection on inquiry learning, regardless of curriculum framework.  

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Asking good questions…

What questions do you have about this artifact? It doesn’t matter what it is. We don’t know and we don’t (as yet) need to try to find out… Our job is simply to create questions. We are each assigned a … Continue reading

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10 reasons to read Inquire Within!

Ok, so this isn’t exactly a post about inquiry, but it is about Inquire Within, so I think I’ll get away with it…   I’m pleased to see that Inquire Within has been nominated for an Edublog Award in the … Continue reading

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When teaching is like fishing

I have had a problem with the idea of “tuning-in” for some time, and even more of a problem with “front-loading”. This problem of mine came to a head about two years ago when planning a PYP Exhibition unit and … Continue reading

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Teachers as inquirers

How much do you really know about the work of your colleagues? How often have you paused during your day, week or month and thought about what another class is doing and how they are doing it? When was the … Continue reading

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Whose learning is it anyway?

Our Year 6 students are in the final phase of their inquiries for the PYP exhibition unit. At any given point in the last couple of weeks, you could find students spread out across the open space between their classrooms, … Continue reading

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Today we will be learning about…

Remember when we used to start a new unit with the words ‘Today we will be learning about…’? Sometimes what followed next was ‘Please turn to page 46′. As a PYP school, we begin each unit of inquiry with a ‘provocation‘ that … Continue reading

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