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Whose learning is it anyway?

Our Year 6 students are in the final phase of their inquiries for the PYP exhibition unit. At any given point in the last couple of weeks, you could find students spread out across the open space between their classrooms, … Continue reading

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Dear Inquirer…

Dear Inquiry Teacher/Learner, This blog began like this, almost a year ago… Behind this door, is a brand new blog. The idea came from an interaction between Edna (@whatedsaid), an IB PYP teacher in Melbourne Australia and Tyler (@MrTRice_Science), a high school Science teacher … Continue reading

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Today we will be learning about…

Remember when we used to start a new unit with the words ‘Today we will be learning about…’? Sometimes what followed next was ‘Please turn to page 46′. As a PYP school, we begin each unit of inquiry with a ‘provocation‘ that … Continue reading

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Learning through inquiry…

Cross posted at What Ed Said We gather for a collaborative session to plan the next Year 4 unit of inquiry. The unit was developed last year and we check the reflections on our PYP planner so we can consider what … Continue reading

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The language of misconceptions – a provocation for inquiry?

We are constantly reassured that inquiry is a natural phenomenon, part of the way we learn as humans… the intuitive art of learning to question through wonderment  and curiosity. Yet what do we do when inquiry feels imposed? Does not … Continue reading

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Letting go…

Inquiry starts with the teacher relinquishing some control, stepping back and allowing students to take more responsibility for their own learning. It’s a difficult one for most teachers. Veterans are used to having control and often find it hard to … Continue reading

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