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Define questions; discover answers…

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” – Albert Einstein Cross posted from original post at KARE Givers      Traditional school curriculum defines answers and makes up questions. We need curriculum that defines … Continue reading

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Teachers inquiring…

A follow-up post from Teachers owning their learning at What Ed Said Have you ever been presented with PD and then had no time to follow up? How often do you have an uninterrupted chunk of time to inquire into something that interests you, … Continue reading

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Teachers as inquirers

How much do you really know about the work of your colleagues? How often have you paused during your day, week or month and thought about what another class is doing and how they are doing it? When was the … Continue reading

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Stifling Persistence

I originally start this conversation on my blog the other day and feel that Inquire Within would be a better place to continue it. This morning I was confronted by a colleague. While her approach wasn’t as professional as I would … Continue reading

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Dear Inquirer…

Dear Inquiry Teacher/Learner, This blog began like this, almost a year ago… Behind this door, is a brand new blog. The idea came from an interaction between Edna (@whatedsaid), an IB PYP teacher in Melbourne Australia and Tyler (@MrTRice_Science), a high school Science teacher … Continue reading

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Inquiry for Teachers

At a teacher leader workshop we learned some valuable lessons about how to get the most out of our Professional Learning Community (PLC) work. One thing I noticed is that the type of deep thinking that is needed for PLC’s … Continue reading

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