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An Unexpected Class Visitor

My sixth graders and I recently began our student-driven inquiry and project-based learning on human rights. This is my second year to use project-based learning into my classroom, and I hope everything I learned from last year’s Dive Into PBL will merge … Continue reading

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I read a book…

Inquiry isn’t an isolated lesson. It isn’t only “done” when one is studying a unit of inquiry. It isn’t just for science or for social studies. I’d like to share a student’s thinking and inquiring as he tells me about … Continue reading

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The Legacy of “Legacies…”

An inquiry unit called “Legacies” (first mentioned in this blog last year) has had its final inquiring…. We won’t be studying history in this same way next year. As I have watched my students learning through this unit, I have … Continue reading

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Thinking: Shaken Not Stirred

prov·o·ca·tion  (prv-kshn) n. 1. The act of provoking or inciting. 2. Something that provokes. Our brain needs it. To engage. To learn. To remember. In an inquiry-centered environment learning provocations abound. They motivate, sustain, invite to future wonder. The recipe? Confusion, strong reaction, interest. … Continue reading

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