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Knowledge Building: What is it Really?

Isn’t it really just learning by another name? We hear a lot about knowledge building in education circles these days! What is it anyway? Why don’t we just call it learning? Where did this term knowledge building come from? When … Continue reading

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An inquiry into ownership of learning…

What do you notice about Audri as a learner? We begin our Year 4 collaborative planning session with Audri… to generate thinking about the ways young learners own their learning, outside the classroom… The teachers notice and name his confidence, … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Class Visitor

My sixth graders and I recently began our student-driven inquiry and project-based learning on human rights. This is my second year to use project-based learning into my classroom, and I hope everything I learned from last year’s Dive Into PBL will merge … Continue reading

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See Think Wonder

Provocation and Follow-up Our new unit is about trading. We are looking at what trade is, what people trade, how they trade, what happens if they have nothing to trade and what our responsibility is in that whole process… The … Continue reading

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How do you analyse student questions?

We’ve had several posts recently at Inquire Within about ways to encourage students to ask questions, by Naini, Malyn and Alfonso. I’m a great fan of the Project Zero Visible Thinking program and its ‘thinking routines‘ which provide simple structures to support student thinking and questioning. … Continue reading

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Questioning Facts

  by  shewatchedthesky  Questioning is a skill.  Asking lots of questions helps paint a more complete picture.   There are no stupid questions, as such, but what you ask determines the answer you get.  I know these because I worked as a … Continue reading

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Three Levels of Inquiry

Year 5 students at my school are inquiring into how the growth and survival of plants are affected by environmental conditions. The world is helping them out! Level 1: The conversations on the 5B blog are evidence of the meaningful inquiry … Continue reading

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A community of inquirers…

I really enjoyed reading the posts by Jessica and Tanja about teachers as inquirers. Gone are the days (I hope) when teachers’ professional learning consisted of a few days a year at a conference or in-school workshop and that was it. Here’s my contribution … Continue reading

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Learning through inquiry…

Cross posted at What Ed Said We gather for a collaborative session to plan the next Year 4 unit of inquiry. The unit was developed last year and we check the reflections on our PYP planner so we can consider what … Continue reading

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