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Quad blogging: our inquiry into improving student writing

A couple of weeks ago we had our final Skype call this year with our quad blogging action research team to pull together the lessons learned from having 4 classes of students from schools around the world interact with each … Continue reading

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Quad blogging – an inquiry into teaching writing

I’m excited to be at the start of an action research project with three other schools – our aim, over the next five weeks or so, is to inquire into whether we can use quad blogging to improve student writing. … Continue reading

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Questions -v- Answers

As today is a public holiday, I’ve spent several hours on skype catching up with an old friend of mine from NIST.  The amazing thing about this was that even though she is in a different continent, the hours that … Continue reading

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I think, I see, I wonder – Using Google Maps

Our Grade 3s are in the middle of their Where We Are in Place and Time unit of inquiry.  Their central idea is Exploration leads to discoveries and develops new understanding.  A few weeks ago it seemed like the focus … Continue reading

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Listening to the Learning Voice: Different Inquiry Models

I remember once teaching a lesson when a student arrived at the computer lab keen to research the question “who invented the volcano?”  Clearly this student had been allowed to go ahead with her inquiry without receiving much guidance!  After … Continue reading

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