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The impact of choosing the right images for a provocation!

My thinking… When looking for images for our opening provocation for our unit, it occurred to me that the images we had used in our previous unit’s opening provocation were not as successful in provoking deep thinking. This time round … Continue reading

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Letting Go!

This year I have been doing my own inquiry into letting go of controlling students’ learning. (By letting go I mean handing over ownership of the learning to the student – where it belongs. I have blogged about this a … Continue reading

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When students own the learning they are motivated…

“When can we do our mapping learning, Ms J?” Various students have asked me this question since our mapping inquiry time on Friday and Monday. I love how excited many of them are. You can read about my thinking about … Continue reading

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How did letting go, go?

Letting go… For background to this momentous step forward please refer to my post: Ownership of learning: a big step forward. I apologise for a lack of visuals in this post, but I was so engrossed in the process of … Continue reading

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Ownership of learning – a big step forward!

by Stephen Kemmis. I am participating in an action research project with a few other enthusiastic colleagues. The idea behind it is to inquire deeply through the cycle of noticing, reflecting and acting. We are connecting our inquiry to our … Continue reading

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