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What did they learn?

*this is a re-post from my blog. This post is about my 9 IST 2014  Game On project originally premised on the notion of making the world more humane (see links for related posts). This was essentially a project-based learning approach (PBL) and it … Continue reading

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Is it possible to teach resilience? I guess it depends on what we think ‘teach’ means, i.e. direct instruction vs facilitation vs guidance, etc. Whatever. I think there is more consensus that resilience can be learnt….somehow. One of the benefits … Continue reading

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The Road not Taken

Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” stands to be one of my favourite poems. I can still remember the English lesson where I made the mistake – yes, mistake – of interpreting the road less travelled by as being less … Continue reading

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Can’t chuck a u-ey

Photo credit: wallyir from I’m really loving inquiry learning. As Edna Sackson has pointed out, I’m on my own inquiry journey. Perhaps because I’m new to it, I find it really is full of surprises – maybe it’ll always … Continue reading

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Is this Inquiry-based Learning?

*cross-posted from my blog, Love2Learn* One cannot have a conversation with Edna Sackson (@whatedsaid) and not be excited about the potential of Inquiry-based learning. Excited I am, for sure. Trouble is, I don’t know much about it really other than … Continue reading

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Questioning Facts

  by  shewatchedthesky  Questioning is a skill.  Asking lots of questions helps paint a more complete picture.   There are no stupid questions, as such, but what you ask determines the answer you get.  I know these because I worked as a … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

  by  cokescroaks  For an inaugural post to this community I had illusions of writing something deep, unusual or really thought-provoking.  Instead, I’m settling for something simple and personal. I am here upon Ed’s (@whatEdsaid) invitation and insistence.  She shared the video: … Continue reading

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