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A mom, educator, designer, creator. I care about kindness, representation, equality, and making a positive contribution. I began teaching in 1997 in New Zealand and have since taught from G1 through G10 in 4 continents.

Ask Great Questions

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I seem to write a lot about questions. The more I look into them, the more I see the massive potential they have to revolutionize the way we teach and the way students learn. In…

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PYP Exhibition Website

Last week, I led a Roundtable Discussion at the AGIS (Association of German International Schools) Conference.  Following our discussion I acted on something that has been brewing in my mind for a while – the need for a space for … Continue reading

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A Math Inquiry With Attitude

One of my concerns is that math in my classroom is not as inquiry based as I would like it to be.  My students and I just began a unit on Geometry.  I gave the pretest and for the most … Continue reading

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Empathy Within Us

I have a (gorgeous/beautiful/smart/funny/amazing) 12 week old baby girl. She is awesome.  It is hard being back at work while she is so young, but easier knowing she gets to stay home with her dog and her dad. Most days, … Continue reading

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I just read a really interesting article on creativity. The well-known known illusion above can be seen in two ways: as both a duck and a rabbit. Which do you see first? And if you…

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Write Your Story – Change History

All the great things that haven’t happened yet, are history waiting to happen. Brad Meltzer presents this idea and more in his passionate, inspired TED talk: Write Your Story, Change History His three main points: Dream Big Martin Luther King Jr. … Continue reading

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The Right To Inquire – Part Two

The Right To Inquire (now known as ‘Part One’) detailed how we led into reflecting on where we were all at so far in our understanding of what it means to be responsible in the context of partaking in the … Continue reading

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The Right to Inquire

  Our fifth graders are almost halfway into their Exhibition.  Today was all about our rights and our responsibilities as inquirers.  Specifically: What are my rights and responsibilities as an inquirer? We shared three TED talks with our class thanks … Continue reading

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